Benefits of Building Your Own House in Vancouver

You may have heard that it is a buyers’ market in real estate right now. Though existing home prices are not quite as low as a couple of years ago, combined with great mortgage rates, buying a home is still amazingly affordable. However, maybe you’ve been looking for your dream home and have been disappointed to realize that it doesn’t exist. Despite the available bargains on older homes, building your own home may have more benefits than you realize.

This is obviously the number one reason why people chose to build rather than buy a home. No matter how many houses you look at, not one of them is going to be exactly the home that you have envisioned and hoped for. You will settle and compromise, but you will not get exactly what you want. If you build, you can customize your new home to suit your needs.

Energy Efficiency
New building techniques and products are available that allow you to build a house that is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than even 10 years ago. New appliances are only one green factor in your new home. Tighter seals, better insulation, and higher quality materials make today’s new homes less wasteful and more comfortable.

Less Maintenance
Your new, custom built home will not already have a to-do list like an existing home comes equipped with. Think about your experiences walking through homes that are for sale. You undoubtedly have mentally tallied what needs to be repaired and renovated in each home you have viewed. Your new home will truly be move-in ready. No need for renovations or repairs, and maintenance needs will be much lower than on an older house.

Older homes, by nature, have older wiring, which may be completely outdated. Some old houses actually have newspaper as insulation! Besides not having to worry about existing home issues like these, a new custom built home will also have fire safety features like hard-wired smoke detectors and fire resistant building materials.

Personal satisfaction
You will have a connection to a custom built home that cannot exist when you buy someone else’s house. Every detail was personally chosen by you, and the fulfillment that you will feel when it is done is so much more than being handed a stranger’s keys. Imagine watching your home grow from a dream in your mind, through the construction, and into reality!

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