The Design/ Build philosophy of building your new home brings a confidence of knowing that your dreams can become reality under the watchful eye of our professional team. construction-management-01-adko-engineering-From the designing of your home to suit a particular lot, through the construction process, we focus on the details of the design, the budget and the time allocation. A relationship of trust is established so that ideas can be brought forward and the best solution found.

DST Construction understands the Vancouver housing market and the landscape differences and challenges from West Vancouver to Richmond and the cities in between.


Let us get involved

If you have designs or are working with architects and designers, we will develop a budget and building schedule off your plans. The earlier you involve us the better the work we can do, often pointing out issues with site selection, materials acquisition, and most importantly pre-scheduling. Pre-scheduling ensures our trade partners are advised as far in advance

as possible to the timelines of upcoming projects. By pre-scheduling we ensure that excavators, framers, electricians are available when we need them. This is especially critical in the first 30-60 days of the project’s estimated start date.



We will work with your architects or designer to ensure you get the very best end product, delivered on time and on budget. We enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to build a new home where an older home once stood. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition from ‘old to new’ within well-established neighbourhoods.


In respect to building a new home there are a couple of methods that should be addressed. You can build on a cost-plus basis or on a fixed fee.


Cost Plus means that all the labor, materials, and management costs are added up and multiplied by a percentage to get the total amount due.

On a fixed fee contract, all the details of the project are documented and a fixed price is given to do the exact work described in the contract.





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